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SOLI (Plaintiff, Counsel, Judge & Foreman) and CHORUS

"That She is Reeling is plain to me! "

Midi Symbol MIDI File [ 7KB, 0' 56"]

Plaintiff reels as if about to faint.

Sydney Granville as the Usher, Arthur Lucas as the Defendant, Sylvia Cecil as the Plaintiff and Gordon Cleather as the Counsel (1919-20)
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The Plaintiff reels

That she is reeling
Is plain to me!

If Faint you're feeling,
Recline on me!
Plaintiff. (feebly)
I shall recover
If left alone.
(shaking their fists at Defendant)
Oh, perjured lover,
Atone! atone!
Foreman. (kissing her)
Just like a father
I wish to be
Judge. (approaching her)
Or, if you'd rather,
Recline on me!

She jumps on to Bench, sits down by the Judge, and falls sobbing on his breast.

Oh! fetch some water
From far Cologne!
For this sad slaughter
Atone! atone!
(shaking fists at Defendant)
Monster, dread our fury,
There's the Judge, and here's/we're the Jury
Monster, monster, dread our fury!
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