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Dialogue following No. 15

King: My daughters, we are about to attempt a very solemn ceremonial, so no giggling, if you please. Now, my Lord Chamberlain, we are ready.

Lord Dramaleigh: Then, ladies and gentlemen, places, if you please. His Majesty will take his place in front of the throne, and will be so obliging as to embrace all the debutantes. (Lady Sophy much shocked.)

King: What — must I really?

Lord Dramaleigh: Absolutely indispensable.

King: More jam for the Palace Peeper!

The King takes his place in front of the throne, the Princess Zara on his left, the two younger Princesses on the left of Zara.

King: Now, is every one in his place?

Lord Dramaleigh: Every one is in his place.

King: Then let the revels commence.

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