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Act II - No. 16 - Song - Violet


Violet: Sad heart of mine, shall you and I
Forever pine, forever sigh?
Parted are we, my love and I;
Oh, must it be eternally?
I fondly dream of what is not,
And wake to weep o'er my sad lot.
Ah! me, I fear that never more
Shall we two meet as erst of yore.
No more, no more, no more, no more.
For time is slow, the hours are long,
Days come and go in endless throng.
Sad heart of mine, shall you and I
Do naught but pine, do naught by sigh?
Ah! heart of mine.

Sad heart of mine; ah, well-a-day,
Each word of thine haunts me alway.
Each blushing flower, each red sunset,
Brings back the hour when first we met;
Brings back the skies, so soft and bright,
Of each moon-lit Venetian night,
With gondola, and gliding shore,
Bring back the hope that, oh! once more,
As erst of yore, once more, once more,
My love and I must surely meet,
Some bright day nigh my love I'll greet.
This heart of mine, both you and I
No more will pine, no more will sigh.
Ah! Ah! heart of mine.

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