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No. 17 - Duet - Violet and Alvin


Alvin: To see thee,
Violet: To hear thee,
Alvin: To love thee,
Violet: Be near thee.
Alvin: To guard thee,
Violet: Watch o'er thee,
Alvin: To ever
Violet: Adore thee.
Alvin: Yes, ever
Violet: Adoring,
Alvin: Fate ever
Violet: Imploring,
Alvin: Imploring
Violet: That never
Alvin: Shall we love
Both: E'er sever.
Alvin: Yes, to live on thus for ever,
See thee, hear thee, thee adore.
Trusting, hoping we'll ne'er sever;
Never more! Oh, never more.
Violet: To see thee, to hear thee,
To love thee, be near thee.
To guard thee, watch o'er thee,
To ever adore thee.
Yes, ever adoring,
Fate ever imploring,
Imploring that never
Shall we love e'er sever.

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