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No. 22 - Duet - Anhotep & Amasis - "Oh, this world has one oasis."


Anhotep: Oh, this world has one oasis,
Sweet Amasis!
And it's by your side that place is,
My Amasis!
Sad and sorrowful my case is,
Weep Amasis!
And the laughter on your face is
Gone, Amasis,
For I've kick'd right o'er the traces,
Yes, Amasis.
And the worst of my disgrace is
That it's run, my little race is,
So I sing ehue fugaces
With Amasis!
Amasis: I would my weary heart would break,
Why are sad hearts so much too strong?
If from my arms my love they take,
To wish to die cannot be wrong.
Dear heart, could we but change our places,
Would you live on without Amasis?
Oh, dearest love, I would that I
Were bold to live as you to die.
Anhotep: Sweetheart, look up, and do not shrink
Before these rascals underbred,
Yet know the bitter cup I drink
Is of the tears I've made you shed!
Both: And yet must we, must we of kingly race
Meet death or life with smiling face;
No tear must dim Amasis's eye.
Behold to live,
Behold to live as you/I to die!

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