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No. 23 - Solo - Natis - "A lonely little maid."


Natis: I'm a lonely little maid,
oh, a very lonely maid,
Condemned to marry ugly Ptolemy.
But I do not want to wed,
I would sooner far be dead,
Oh, he's not at all the kind of chap for me.
Still, I am a little shy;
oh, yes, very, very shy,
And the sort of chap that I could love
is shy as he could be.
Little maidens go out walking,
But they may not do the talking,
And I know that I am most unmaidenly.
Do you know, oh gallant Psam —
Oh, truly handsome Psam,
You lead a very idle selfish life.
Oh, Psamtic, gallant Psam,
It's waiting here I am,
And you really would be better
if you had a little wife!
  I'm so afraid to ask;
oh, it's terrible to ask;
You are so very beautiful, and I'm so very plain.
I'm not good enough for you,
But what is a girl to do,
I may never get another chance again.
I'm not good enough for you,
but I'm much too good for him;
The drift of these remarks you surely now must see.
It's a very bold suggestion,
But if you would pop the question,
You could save me from that wicked Ptolemy.
Or if you will not speak —
Perhaps you dare not speak,
Just let me hold your hand and hear the worst.
You needn't say a word
But just show that you have heard,
Oh! I know it's very sudden,
but I've loved you from the first.

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