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No. 24 - Quartette - "The Verdict."


Pharaoh: Death!
Nebenchari: Death!
Ptolemy: Death!
Sebak: Death!
Pharaoh: Death is his certain portion,
Mere —
Nebenchari: Mere —
Ptolemy: Mere —
Sebak: Mere — merely as a precaution —
Ptolemy: Otherwise he'd repeat the trick
With another cat and another brick,
He can't be a Mummy, at any rate,
We shall just have a grim tête-à-tête.
Nebenchari: But a Mummy he shall never be made,
The Royal edict must be obeyed.
Pharaoh: So!
Nebenchari: So!
Ptolemy: So!
Sebak: So! Ptolemy won't get paid!
Pharaoh: Ptol —
Nebenchari: Ptol —
Ptolemy: Ptol —
Sebak: Ptol —
Pharaoh: Ptolemy don't seem charmed. But,
Nebenchari: But,
Ptolemy: But,
Sebak: But,
Nebenchari: Of course he can't be embalmed.
Pharaoh: A mode of death that's rather funny
Is done with ants and a pot of honey.
Nebenchari: We've a text-book full of unspeakable tortures
With a special chapter designed for Courtiers.
Ptolemy: I've still one comfort sweet, if small,
All of his wealth to me will fall.
Pharaoh: No.
Nebenchari: No.
Sebak: No.
Ptolemy: Oh!
Pharaoh: I don't see that at all. How —
Nebenchari: How —
Ptolemy: How —
Sebak: How —
Pharaoh: Much do you think he's got? Let's —
Nebenchari: Let's —
Ptolemy: Let's —
Sebak: Let's share it among the lot.
Pharaoh: There's not enough to dispute about,
Simply let it be odd man out.
Ptolemy: Suppose we have it that odd man wins?
This is where the fun begins,
I always use one particular coin.
Pharaoh: Heads!
Nebenchari: Heads!
Sebak: Heads!
Ptolemy: Tails!
Others: Really, that's most annoyin',
Really, that's most annoyin'!

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