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No. 5 - Finale Act I and Song - Betty - "Cinderella."


Betty: It was a little kitchen-maid
Beside the fire one night she stayed,
And she was quite alone, by chance,
For all the rest were at a dance.
Her old Godmother flew in
To pay an evening call,
And said, "What, only you in?
Why aren't you at the ball?"
Chorus: At the ball.
Betty: Never mind, Cinderella,
'twill all come right,
You shall go to the ball tonight
In a wonderful gown of silk brocade,
Ah! You will find admiration in many eyes
And I'm sure they won't recognise
Cinderella, the kitchen-maid.
Betty: She took her pumpkin coach and four,
And little shoes of glass she wore;
Her Godmother said, "Off you go,
But don't stay after twelve, you know!"
And in the ballroom dancing
She made a great success.
The Prince said, "He entrancing,
She must be a Princess!"
Chorus: Fair Princess!
Men: Oh, dear me! Cinderella had such a time
Until midnight began to chime,
For she didn't quite know how long she'd stayed.
Betty: Ah! Then you see,
As she fled thro' the palace door,
Well, she somehow became once more
Cinderella, the kitchen-maid.
Chorus: Why, that's good,
Really she's wonderful!
She'd be the latest rage
If she was on the stage
And had a chance to sing and dance.
Men: Come for a dance with us, don't be afraid.
Any of us will be flattered,
Don't say you're only a poor kitchen-maid;
Just as if anything mattered!
All: Let's have the time of our lives tonight,
Don't you give in to your pater!
Daddy is gone, so it's quite all right,
Go on and sup, keep it up.
Victor: What would you like,
I will give you your choice,
Pekinese dog, or a car, Rolls-Royce?
Diamond bracelet or anything small,
Choose what you wish, or ask for them all!
Jotte: Order your dresses and pay when you can,
I'll get it out of the happy man!
Victor: Have what you like, just mention what,
Only ask your Vic!
Jotte: Only tell your Jotte!
Men: Ask what you like, just tell us what,
Victor & Jotte: And we're good for the blessed lot.
(to Gerard)
You are looking at her like I don't know what,
Well, you must not!
Gerard: Well, it doesn't matter--
I'm not looking at her, don't talk rot!
(to Victor)
All the girls will go for you upon the spot,
You'll get it hot!
(to Betty)
Come with me and drop the lot you've got,
Great Scott, why not? Eh, what!
(to men)
You are looking at her like I don't know what,
Well, you must not!
No, it isn't proper,
You must simply drop her like a shot.
When we all are waiting on the very spot,
This is too hot!
For you said you cared for us a lot,
You've not forgot? We've not!
Betty: Ah, though I know it's a dream, a joke,
Still it's exceedingly pleasant!
I should be sad if so soon I awoke —
Don't wake me up for the present!
Men: Don't be afraid, you're awake all right.
Betty: Thank you, my lords and my ladies!
That's kind of you, but I've work I must do,
So I must just say good-night!
Betty (after dialogue): You're joking!
Gerard: I'm not! I mean to marry you,
I give my word!
Girls: Is this a joke? It's too absurd!
Victor: He's mad!
Gerard: No, no! If you say "yes,"
I'm much obliged to you,
My father says I've got to take a wife;
And you're the girl I rather think will do.
So say the word, we'll start on married life.
Men: The lad is dotty, that's quite clear!
Gerard: Well, shall I kneel to you —
Ahh! As in romances?
Is that the sort of stuff a maiden fancies?
Just hear how my heart is wildly throbbing!
Observe how I am madly burning,
yearning, sobbing!
Betty: Can all be nothing but a dream,
This hope of happiness supreme,
And shall I wake again to lose it
If I dare choose it?
And yet my heart is telling me
That as he says, it is to be;
How strange and wonderful it seems,
I'm Duchess of Dreams!
Dolly: It's really time this joke was done.
It's wretched form and very little fun.
She's not a girl to treat that way,
And if you do, I don't intend to stay.
Chicquette: Oh, let her go, she bores me so,
Just pack her off downstairs below!
She's rather raw in style and looks,
If I were you I'd send her to the.....

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