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No. 6 - Quartette - "Reasons of State."


Marie: If I have to be the queen
Of a king I've never seen,
I should rather like my father
To explain what it may mean!
Panix: Why the wedding we must rush,
Is a fact we ought to hush;
Or the shyness of your Highness
Might be nearly forced to blush!
Duchess: Now to hustle marriage through,
Never giving time to woo,
Willy-nilly is so silly
But it's what you always do!
Duke: To explain it I decline,
It's enough to say in fine,
It's the fated step dictated,
To preserve the Royal line!
All: Those who do not know may see
In our wise diplomacy
Merely a tradition that's
entirely out of date,
But to those who folly see
In our lofty policy,
We reply it's the high
Reason of State.
Duke: Now, my daughter, don't be sad,
Take example from your dad.
I've been through it, had to do it,
And a merry time I've had!
Duchess: Though it's rather trying, still
It's a dose that doesn't kill;
Do not falter at the altar,
Shut your eyes and say "I will!"
Though you may not think it nice,
Try to make the sacrifice;
I'll escort you and support you
With a bushel bag of rice!
Marie: If my husband turns out wrong,
Must I suffer and be strong?
Duke: Be another like your mother,
And you won't be troubled long!
All: Stifle our proclivities,
Order the festivities,
Now the matter's settled
it is wasting time to wait!
All be hand in glove with him
Saying I'm/you're in love with him--
That's a lie, told for high
Reasons of State.

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