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No. 5 - Song - Mimosa - The Amorous Goldfish


Mimosa: A goldfish swam in a big glass bowl,
As dear little goldfish do,
But she loved with the whole of her heart and soul
An officer brave from the ocean wave
And she thought that he loved her, too.
Her small inside he daily fed
With crumbs of the best digestive bread,
This kind attention proves, said she,
How exceedingly fond he is of me.
And she thought It's fit-fit-fitter
He should love my glit-glit-glitter,
Than his heart give away
To the butterflies gay,
Or the birds that twit-twit-twitter!
  She flashed her frock in the sunshine bright
That officer brave to charm
And he vowed she was quite a delightful sight;
So her spirits were gay, till he came one day
With a girl on his stalwart arm.
In whispers low they talked of love,
He begged for a rose and a worn-out glove;
But when they kissed a fond goodbye,
The poor little goldfish longed to die.
And she sobb'd, It's bit-bit-bitter
He should love this crit-crit-critter,
When I thought he would wish
For a nice little fish
With a frock all glit-glit-glitter!
  That charming girl for a time upset
The officer brave and gay,
And his sad little pet he contrived to forget;
For with never a crumb did he chance to come,
So the goldfish pined away!
Until at last some careless soul
With a smash knocked over the big glass bowl,
And there on the carpet, dead and cold,
Lay the poor little fish in her frock of gold!
But her fate so bit-bit-bitter
Is a story fit-fit-fitter
For a sad little sigh
And a tear in the eye
Than a thoughtless tit-tit-titter!

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