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No. 6 - Duet - Mimosa and Fairfax - Kissing Duet


Fairfax: You're a charming little geisha,
Quite the nicest girl in Asia,
But I fear there's something missing,
Oh, my pretty Japanese!
English, French and German misses
Do not ask me what a kiss is,
They are all expert at kissing.
Mimosa: Will you teach me, if you please?
I believe I'm quick and clever,
And I promise I'll endeavour
In the task to do you credit,
If your pupil I may be!
Oh my sailor bright and breezy,
Is it difficult or easy?
Is it nice or shall I dread it?
Fairfax: Only wait, and you shall see!
Mimosa: I am half afraid to try
Fairfax: Then the task we won't pursue.
Mimosa: Shall I like it by and by?
Fairfax: It's objected to by few!
Both: Little maiden,
Ev'ry day learns something new!
Fairfax: Now to make my meaning clearer
You must come a little nearer
Having first discover'd whether
There is anyone about!
Then you face half shyly raising
Till your eyes in his are gazing,
Place your pretty lips together
In a dainty little pout.
Mimosa: If a smile my cheeks should dimple,
It's because it's all so simple!
Why of such a tame proceeding
Should you make so great a fuss?
It's a farce absurdly hollow
But perhaps there's more to follow?
For instruction I am pleading.
Fairfax: And I give it to you thus!
Mimosa: It has charms I can't explain.
Fairfax: Which you never knew before!
Mimosa: Teach me once, just once again!
Fairfax: Pretty pupils I adore.
Both: Little maiden
Ev'ry day learns something more!

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