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No. 23 - Additional Song - Harry


Harry: There was a little builder once to build a house began,
He got a little architect to draw a little plan,
He only wanted room to hold a solitary man,
A very solitary little builder!
It was a tiny bungalow, and all upon a floor,
A very tiny room on either side a tiny door;
But the builder was contented, and he never wanted more,
Until he met a lady called Matilda.
"Don't you think it's rather wee?" said Matilda.
"Oh! it's big enough for me," said the builder.
"When you build a bungalow
You should give it room to grow,
For you never, never know," said Matilda.
"There are people, so they say,
Getting married ev'ry day,"
To the builder, said Matilda to the builder.
  Said the builder to Matilda, "Though it's all that I require,
I'll improve the house in any kind of way you may desire,
Because I'm very anxious that the house you should admire,
And also that you will admire the builder."
Said Matilda to the builder, "Well, it may be very neat,
But it wants a little storey just to make it all complete."
And the builder built a storey that was very, very sweet,
And then he told the story to Matilda.
"Oh! it hasn't come to that," said Matilda.
"To be living in a flat," with a builder.
"If I'm bride to your groom,
I intend to make a boom,
I require lots of room," said Matilda.
"Not a poky little flat
Where you cannot swing a cat,"
To the builder, said Matilda to the builder.
  And so he added storeys, and the bungalow it grew,
Till what had been enough for one was now enough for two;
And one fine day, inside the house a winged angel flew,
The builder was the husband of Matilda.
And when, in ordinary course, Matilda's wings were shed,
The builder he was often late at bus'ness, 'tis said,
And ev'ry time he had to tax his weary little head,
A-building little stories for Matilda.
"You are late! Oh! tell me why?" said Matilda.
And another story high built the builder.
But whatever he might say,
Yet his stories didn't pay;
"The foundation's given way," said Matilda.
"For you only prove your guilt
With your stories jerry-built,"
To the builder, said Matilda to the builder.
  And as the years went rolling by, the builder added wings,
To find accommodation for a lot of little things,
The usual encumbrances that matrimony brings
Were crowdng out Matilda and the builder.
Said he, "When first we met I had a little bungalow,
But ever since, it's never stopped continuing to grow,
And now I feel as if we were a-living in a row,
The builder, and the childer, and Matilda.
"For we're getting crowded out," said the builder.
"And of that there is no doubt," said Matilda.
"It is very, very clear
We are over-crowded here,
So I'd better disappear," said the builder.
And today there's no one knows
Where he's building bungalows;
For the builder left the childer with Matilda.

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