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No. 16 - Duet - Kitty and Jack - "Good-Bye."


Kitty: We play'd at love with kiss and tear
And laughter.
Jack: And I must love you now, my dear,
And after.
Kitty: The pleasant game is done,
For here's tomorrow's sun,
Jack: And love has cost but little lost,
Both: And nothing won.
If Love was but a play,
The love we thought so true,
There's nothing more to say,
And nothing left to do.
A passing smile for you,
For me a passing sigh,
And that's the end of love, my friend,
Good-bye! Good-bye!
Kitty: A day or two you'll think of me
Regretful —
Jack: Ah! do not dream that I can be
Kitty: And though my heart be sore,
No pity I implore
Jack: For pity's sake must love awake
Both: No more, no more!
If love is done and dead,
Our love so fair and young,
Let nothing more be said,
Nor let a dirge be sung.
But leave our love among
The flow'rs that fade and die,
With tears and laugh for epitaph,
Good-bye! Good-bye!

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