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No. 11 - Trio - Ebenezer, Cadi and Ratz - "Three Big Heads."
George Grossmith, Junr.


Cadi: Oh, I have a great big head,
Ratz: We observed its size directly,
Ebenezer: A noble head you should have said,
Cadi: You have surmised correctly.
A store of wisdom lies herein,
Ratz: It lies, that may be true,
I also have a useful head,
Ebenezer: And I have a fine head too.
Cadi: A great big head,
Ratz: A noble head,
Ebenezer: A fine head too!
All: Oh! we have three big heads,
All sorts of hats we pop on,
They never will stop on
Such three large heads.
They can keep on the job long,
They're not round or oblong
But three square heads.
And when we're fast asleep in our beds
You'll find at rest and contented,
Our pillows indented
With three big heads.
Cadi: There are tissues inside my head,
Ratz: And a bunch of brains behind 'em,
Ebenezer: We'll try some day a Rontgen Ray
Cadi: And then perhaps we'll find 'em.
"Two heads are better far than one,"
Ratz: The proverb's very true,
But three, when all is said and done,
Ebenezer: Are better still than two.
Cadi: A pretty head
Ratz: A perfect head,
Ebenezer: A prize head too!
All: Here you see three big heads,
Though there's not much the matter
We ought to grow fatter
With three fat heads.
Half-a-crown's worth of Tatcho
Will build a new thatch-o
For three bald heads.
There is one fate our modesty dreads,
That's when the papers will "par" us,
The Hippodrome star us
As "Three Big Heads."

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