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British Musical Theatre   New Aladdin

No. 12 - Finale Act I
Lyrics by Adrian Ross


Chorus: We have had a most exciting day,
Humorous but almost tragic,
Foreigners from cities far away
Doing oriental magic;
Now we're glad to know
They intend to go
Back across the land and water.
They're a trifle shady.
Cadi: So says the Cadi!
Chorus: Cadi!
Laolah: So says the Cadi's daughter!
Chorus: So says the Cadi's daughter!
So we wish a pleasant journey now,
In a manner oriental,
With a low salaam or Eastern bow,
Singularly ornamental.
Here's the fair Princess
In her Western dress,
This is what the Genie brought her,
She's a charming lady.
Cadi: So says the Cadi!
Chorus: Cadi!
Laolah: So says the Cadi's daughter!
Chorus: So says the Cadi's daughter!
Princess: This is the very last French costume,
Maid: Ze very last today.
Princess: This is the latest unique perfume,
Maid: De la Rue de la Paix.
Princess: This is the very last Paris hat,
Maid: He will come out next week.
Princess: What do you think as a critic of that?
Maid: Oh, c'est le chic du chic!
Lally & others: Light as a feather
Journey together
Into the distance blue,
It's quite the thing to do,
For me and for you,
Let's go together,
I'd like to see more of you, Princess,
I'd like to see more of you.
Genie: Now be ready all to start for London,
Chorus: London!
Genie: Won't the prospect strike you of a heap?
Ev'rything that's wrong in it is undone
Chorus: Undone!
Genie: Ev'rything that's right we mean to keep!
We will add a dash of dainty Paris,
Chorus: Paris!
Genie: And a tiny touch of gay Japan.
Won't it be a city for the Aris...
Chorus: Aris...
Genie: ...tocracy of universal Man!
No more smoky, oh!
Don't you realise,
Bright as Tokio
Of our sea allies!
Let us be allies, and we'll crown
And idealise London Town!
Chorus: No more smoky, oh!
That we realise,
Like the Tokio
Of our sea allies!
All will be allies, thus to crown
And idealise London Town!
Tippin: I wish you wouldn't follow me,
I find it very wearing,
Spirit: I long your blushing bride to be
In mortal marriage sharing.
Tippin: You're making me ridiculous,
Do kindly go and drop it.
Spirit: Oh, do not disappoint me thus,
My pretty playful poppet.
Tippin: Don't call me names, you'd better not.
Spirit: My passion flames,
Tippin: She's pretty hot!
Spirit: Fly not so fast, why should you tremble,
Tippin: Ha! saved at last! Let me dissemble!
Signor Carusso, Why do you do so?
Meat-a-Chicago, alla garbago.
Ratz: Der Tenor!
Tippin: What's that for?
Ratz: You're revealed! Die or yield!
Tippin: I won't die! Sooner fly!
Lally: Now Princess, if you're ready,
I'm certain that I am
We'll go as swift and steady
As a Marconi-gram!
Ebenezer: That lamp is mine, I found it,
So give it up, you scamp!
Cadi: I own the land around it,
The cave includes the Lamp!
Lally: Oh, servant of the Lamp, appear!
Genie: The Genie's motto — I am here!
I am here!
Lally: No man who tries can take the prize
By force of arts or arms;
Until I've sold new lamps for old,
Or magic yields to beauty's charms.
Princess: Perhaps you'll lend the lamp, my friend,
To me when you have done.
If I win it for a minute,
Won't you see some fun!
All: London, off to London!
We will see what has been done and undone;
London, what a wonder!
Will be inside out and top-side under!
London, look at London!
As was never yet by any one done!
London will be London,
but it won't be quite the same!
Oh! London, off to London!
Or we'll find all over and the fun done!
London will get used to
What it hasn't yet been introduced to!
London, off to London!
'Ere the day is over and its sun done.
London, you're at London
In the time that you say its name!
You need not get a voiturette,
Or Panhard racer proud,
Your gentle slave will merely wave
To call a passing thunder-cloud!
The force of steam to you will seem
A cripple with the cramp!
Not a notion to the motion
Of Aladdin's lamp!
You rub it so, and say "Let's go!"
To town first class.
Hey! Presto, pass!

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