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From The Times, Tuesday, August 18, 1896.


Sir Arthur Sullivan’s delightful comic opera The Mikado is now preceded at the Savoy Theatre by a new musical duologue entitled Weather or No, the book of which is by Messrs. Adrian Ross and W. Beach, while the music has been composed by Mr. Luard Selby. The little piece, which barely takes half an hour in performance, is sufficiently bright and pretty to make a visit to the theatre at an early hour quite worth while.

The plot, such as it is, turns upon a flirtation between the inhabitants of one of the old-fashioned barometric toys in which changes of the weather were foretold by little wooden figures, the man coming out when it is wet and the woman when the sun shines. As these two characters Miss Emmie Owen and Mr. Scott Russell, admirably got up, go through a series of amusing songs and duets, the piece ending with an extremely quaint dance. Both dialogue and lyrics are very neatly written, and Mr. Luard Selby’s music is not only full of good workmanship, but also remarkably tuneful without being ever trivial or commonplace.

In Sir Arthur Sullivan’s opera the cast contains many strong points, chief among which are the Pitti-Sing of Miss Jessie Bond, the Yum-Yum of Miss Emmie Owen, the Ko-Ko, of Mr. Passmore, and the Nanki-Poo of Mr. Kenningham. With the principal characters in such good hands, it is not to be wondered that the performance has lost hardly any of its attractiveness.

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