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Jamilek. (who has been looking out at back.) Sire, a boat is approaching the shore, and there are five strangers on board. What in the world shall we do?

King. A boat with five strangers? Great heavens! If they should happen to know me I should be a standing object of ridicule to the end of my days. We must conceal ourselves at once. Where can we lie hid?

Jamilek. Sire, there is a thicket of prickly cactus within a few hundred yards. In that we might conceal ourselves till they depart.

King. Thanks, thanks, my trusty Jamilek. Your ingenious suggestions are always at hand in cases of emergency. Bless you, Jamilek! I do not altogether like lying down in prickly cactus, but there is no time to hesitate. To think that King Portico should have to stoop to such an expedient. Oh, Jamilek, if ever it should become known that I had stooped to conceal myself in a bed of prickly cactus, your head shall pay the penalty.


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