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Dialogue following No. 6

Casilda. Then do you mean to say that I am married to one of two gondoliers, but it is impossible to say which?

Don Alhambra. Without any doubt of any kind whatever. But be reassured: the nurse to whom your husband was entrusted is the mother of the musical young man who is such a past-master of that delicately modulated instrument. (indicating the drum) She can, no doubt, establish the King's identity beyond all question.

Luiz. Heavens, how did he know that?

Don Alhambra. My young friend, a Grand Inquisitor is always up to date. (To Casilda.) His mother is at present the wife of a highly respectable and old-established brigand, who carries on an extensive practice in the mountains around Cordova. Accompanied by two of my emissaries, he will set off at once for his mother's address. She will return with them, and if she finds any difficulty in making up her mind, the persuasive influence of the torture chamber will jog her memory.

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