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Creatures of Impulse

No publisher or photographer named

The Fairy's Dilemma

David Allen & Co.



D. F. & Co ( Delittle Fenwick)

Ralph Dunn & Co.

W.G. Pollard

Violet Vanbrugh
Vanburgh & Clarence



National Series

These cards and others appeared unnumbered in the “National” series. “National” was a publisher of popular fiction magazines. The cards were inserted free of charge into the magazines. In this series Violet Vanbrugh is captioned with her married name — Mrs. Arthur Bouchier.

Arthur Bourchier

Valentine's Series

Three versions of this card exist, all published by Valentine — a coloured version and two in black and white, one of these with a large border.

Scenic card (publisher not named)

His Excellency


Ellaline Terris


Ellaline Terris Ellaline Terris Elllaline Terris

Pygmalion and Galatea

Beagles D. F. & Co ( Delittle Fenwick)
Julia Neilsen
Guttenberg, Manchester

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