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Many cards were printed as ‘one-offs' from different publishers, or without identifying the publisher at all. The following list is of D'Oyly Carte singers appearing as portraits, or in non-Gilbert & Sullivan roles. Some artists, especially the prettier girls are to be found on very many cards. Isabel Jay, Agnes Fraser and Ruth Vincent are shining examples.

Most names listed here are from the 1900 - 1914 period, but the list includes names right up to the 1980s.

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Stuart Alexander Arthur Argent
Amy Augarde1  

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Mildred Baker Cecil Barnard
Jean Barrington Rutland Barrington
Billie Barlow Muriel Barron
Maisie Baxter (later known as Linda Gray) Ethel Beech
Florence Beech Brenda Bennett
Mavis Bennett Anna Bethell
Auguste Van Biene Lily Bircham
George Bishop Beatrice Boarer
Evelyn Bond Webster Booth ‘Leslie W. Booth’
Eric Boyd Sydney Bracy
Rosina Brandram Nellie Briercliffe

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Lucie Caine Milena Calverley
Percy Carr John Cartier
Sylvia Cecil François Cellier
John Child Charles Childerstone
Harry Claff ‘Henry Claff’ Mademoiselle Clary*
Gordon Cleather H. Cooper Cliffe
Grahame Clifford John Clulow
John Coates Patrick Colbert
Alice Coleman Kenneth Collins
Charles Conyers 2 Cecil Cook
Reginald Crawford Hilda Cross
Dorice Cullerne Roland Cunningham

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Frank Danby Aileen Davies
Leo Darnton Phyllis Dicksee
Muriel Dickson Clara Dow
Constance Drever Ann Drummond-Grant

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Beatrice Elburn Lulu Evans
Mary Evelyn Robert Evett
Marjorie Eyre  

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Catherine Ferguson Phyllis Ferguson
Constance Feuillade* Nancy Fisher
Felicity Forrest Miss (May) Fortescue
Agnes Fraser Alec Fraser
J. Edward Fraser  

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Blanche Gaston-Murray Joyce Gaymon
Blossom Gelsthorpe Ethel George
Sybil Ghilchick Mary Gilbert
Dorothy Gill Helen Gilliland
Ethel Gledhill Daphne Glenne
Walter Glynne George Gordon*
Majorie Gordon Charles Goulding
Mabel Graham Sydney Granville
Ruby Gray Martyn Green
Richard Green Marion Grey*
Phyllis Grey Elsie Griffin
George Grossmith3 David Grundy

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Ella Halman Winifred Hart-Dyke
Arthur Hatherton Arthur Helmore
Henry Herbert 4 Rose Hignell
Irene Hill Frederick Hobbs
Billy Holmes (B. William Holmes) Cécile Hope
Arthur Hosking  

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Elaine Inescort  

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Hilda Jacobsen Maggie Jarvis
Isabel Jay Ellis Jeffreys
Aida Jenoure Alec Johnstone

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George Kay Joan Keddie
Mark Kinghorne Douglas Kirke
Gillian Knight  

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Nancy Langtyre Winifred Lawson
Hilton Layland John Le Hay
Lawrence Legge Lena Leibrandt 5
Bertha Lewis Eric Lewis
Arthur Lucas William Lugg
Frank Lynne Henry Lytton

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Rita Mackay Lyon Mackie
Gordon Mackenzie Ethel Maclelland
Charles Manners Bernard Manning
Richard Mansfield Ela Q. May
Elsie McDermid Winnie Melville
J. Ivan Menzies Beatrice Meredith
John S. Millward (= Jack Millward*) Eileen Moody
Hilda Moody Jessie Moore
Decima Moore 6 M.R. Morand
Allen Morris Elma Morris*
Molly Mundle  

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Harry Norris  

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Derek Oldham Alice Oppitz

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Esther Palliser Ilka Palmay
Walter Passmore W.S. Penley
Florence Perry Margaret Philo
J.C. Piddock Powis Pinder
Sidney Pointer Barbara Porter
Courtice Pounds 7 Louie Pounds
Peter Pratt  

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Ella Quartly  

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Leslie Rands Nancy Ray
Nell Raymond Doris Rayne
Arthur Rees Nell(ie) Richardson
Helen Roberts Jessie Rose
Thomas Round Lillian Russell
Scott Russell J.H. Ryley

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Florence St John Lilian Saunders
Annie Schuberth Patience Seymour
Leo Sheffield Wilfred E. Shine
Annie Skidmore Jeffrey Skitch
Phyllis Smith Tessa Snelson
Emily Squire Elsie Spain
Edith Standen Eric Stanley
Ronald Stear Charles Stuart
Frank Steward Alison Stewart
Gregory Stroud Mabel Sykes

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J. G. Taylor 8 William Thomson
Eric Thorne May Thorne
Gertrude Thornton Maude Thornton
Frank(lyn) (E.) Tilton Cora Tinnie
J.L. Toole Ernest Torrence
Louise Trimble Leicester Tunks
Kitty Twinn  

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Geraldine Ulmar  

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Lottie Venne Kate Vesey
Madge Vincent Ruth Vincent

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Richard Walker Willie Warde
Lilian Webb* Kathleen West
Harold Wilde John Wilkinson
Poppy Wilkinson Ben Williams
Morgan Williams (2nd tenor, 1902-03 South African tour)
Winifred Williamson Ethel Wilson
Frank Wilson Marie Wilson
Viola Wilson Gertrude Wolfle
C.H. Workman Fred Wright jnr

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Ellen Beach Yaw  


1. There are many cards of Adrienne Augarde, niece of Amy but not a Savoyard. At least one card of the glamorous Adrienne is captioned as ‘Amy’.

2. The cards of Charles Conyers are likely not to be of the D’Oyly Carte tenor 1884-90. He died in 1896.

3. The Gilbert & Sullivan George Grossmith had a son of the same name who appears in many postcards. He went into one-man entertainments, and is often seen in evening dress.

4. Beware, the Shakespearian actor Henry Herbert is not the D’Oyly Carte tenor.

5. Lena Leibrandt is also wrongly written as Liebrandt, Lebrandt and Lubrandt.

6. Also seen on a card with three of her sisters.

7. Several cards show Courtice Pounds in jester's costume. In these he is playing Touchstone in ‘As You Like It' or Feste in ‘Twelfth Night', not Jack Point.

8. This, the best known, card of J.G. Taylor shows him in The Only Way. A rarer card shows him closer to his Thespis and 1876-77 days.

* These cards may be of other artists with the same name as a Gilbert and Sullivan player.

General notes

Some of these artists appear in postcards on their own. Others can be found in play scenes, musical comedies and concert parties.

Some cards described as postcards are produced as autograph cards, and were not intended to be sent through the post. They have no printing on the reverse. This is more likely to be seen with modern cards, especially those produced after 1917 when the Post Office increased the postal rate from a halfpenny to a full penny, an increase of 100%!

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