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(Chappell Piano/Vocal Score)


(Vocal Issues, SP only)

SP: 8/3/8

Sop., Bass, n2: On the second beat, the Soprano note should have a natural sign (E-natural); the Bass note should have a flat sign (C-flat). The tie from the previous bar carries the accidentals over the barline, but they must subsequently be refreshed in order to continue applying.

SP: 47/2/6

Altos, n1: "Walk" should be a dotted half note, like the sopranos, but the dot is missing.

SP: 48/4/6

Ida, n1: "Fall" is written on a half note, but there is no third beat written in her part for that measure. The autograph shows it as a dotted half note (corrected as such in LP). Of course, practically speaking, the singer would interpret it as a half note with a quarter rest, as a breath would be necessary on the third beat.

SP: 56/4/3

Hilarion, n8: Natural sign is missing (it should be C-natural).

SP: 63/4/5

Florian, n1: The printed Gb on the first syllable of "blushing" is incorrect. Per the autograph, it should be an F (a half step lower). It is sung that way by Jeffrey Skitch on the recording, and is emended as such in LP. The F functions as an accented passing tone against the chord of Eb minor.

SP: 63/4/9 Florian, n1: Same issue. First note of the melisma on "hind" should be F, not Gb.

SP: 67/3/2

Florian, n1: Should be a dotted quarter, like the other voice parts (the dot is missing).

SP: 67/3/2

Florian, n3-4: The ledger line was not printed on these notes, somewhat obscuring the fact that they are both C-sharps.

SP: 68/2/7

Florian, n1: The dot was left off this half note; it should be three beats, like all the other voice parts.

SP: 76/2/1

Florian, n1: The first syllable of "echo" is missing in the text underlay.

SP: 76/2/6

Melissa, n1: The dot was left off this half note; it should be six beats, like all the other voice parts.

SP: 99/2/4

Tenors, n2-5: Text underlay is garbled. Should be one note per syllable, as notated for the basses.

SP: 103/4/1

Chorus, n1: There should be two 16th-notes instead of one eighth-note on "little."

SP: 105/5/8 Ida, n1: The first syllable of "idle" was not printed.
SP: 108/4/2

Chorus, n5: "befall" is misspelled. (Also at 110/3/3.)

SP: 111/1/3

The tempo change indication is incorrectly written. It says , but should say .

(Piano Issues, SP only)

SP: 25/4/3

RH, n3: Lower pitch should be D-flat, not B-flat (a third higher than printed).

SP: 25/4/3

RH, n5: Lower pitch needs a natural sign, as the note should be D-natural.

SP: 25/4/4

Same as previous issue.

SP: 57/2/3

RH, n8: Natural sign is missing from the D (sharped earlier in the measure).

SP: 59/3/1

Same as previous issue.

SP: 94/2/2

LH, n3: This note (the second quarter-note in the LH part) is misaligned in the score; it should be directly underneath n2 in the RH, and played simultaneously with the second syllable of "disregard."

SP: 96/2/2

LH, n2: There appears to be an extra notehead at the bottom of this chord, on the first space of the bass clef. It may be only a smudge in the printing, but it gives the impression that there is an A-natural at the bottom of the chord, which of course would be musically nonsensical. Nor would it make sense to append a flat to the extra "note," to match the Ab at the top of the LH chord. It's simply a root-position Bb7 chord (with C in the right hand as a melodic passing tone), resolving normally to Eb major. Ergo, just Bb/Ab in the LH.

SP: 97/2/2

LH, n3-4: These two notes should be G-flat. Note 3 is missing a flat sign. Note that the D in the RH chord is natural, so that the chord is Gb augmented.

SP: 111/1/3

The tempo change indication is incorrectly written. It says , but should say .

SP: 125/4/3

RH, n5: The last eighth note in the bar should be F, not G (one step lower than printed).

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