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Dialogue following No. 8

Enter Lady Blanche. All stand up demurely.

Blanche. Attention, ladies, while I read to you
The Princess Ida's list of punishments.
The first is Sacharissa. She's expelled!
All. Expelled!

Expelled, because although she knew
No man of any kind may pass our walls,
She dared to bring a set of chessmen here!
Sacharissa. (crying) I meant no harm; they're only men of wood!

They're men with whom you give each other mate,
And that's enough! The next is Chloe.

Chloe.     Ah!
Blanche. Chloe will lose three terms, for yesterday,
When looking through her drawing-book, I found
A sketch of a perambulator!
All. (horrified)   Oh!
Blanche. Double perambulator, shameless girl!
That's all at present. Now, attention, pray;
Your Principal the Princess comes to give
Her usual inaugural address
To those young ladies who joined yesterday.
Lady Blanche (Dorothy Gill) and Lady Psyche (Doreen Denny), 1932
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