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ACT II - Scene 1


The door is cautiously opened, and DORCAS appears. RUPERT and the McCRANKIE withdraw into the shadow. DORCAS comes down the steps.

DORCAS. Not a sound! Not a whisper! Where can Oswald be? This is the hour, and this the trysting place.

RUPERT and the McCRANKIE advance - she screams.

McCRANKIE. Dinna be frichtened, leddy.

DORCAS. Who art thou?

RUPERT. Permit me to introduce my old friend, The McCrankie, from the Island of Rum — a Scotch puritan of the most uncompromising type.

McCRANKIE. An' wha is this braw lassie?

RUPERT. Mistress Dorcas, handmaiden to fair Mistress Dorothy.

McCRANKIE. I am richt glad tae mak thine acquaintance.

DORCAS. So am not I. Hands off!

McCRANKIE. Hout awa', leddy. The nicht is dark —

RUPERT. And there is no one looking.

DORCAS. So much the worse!

McCRANKIE. Sae muckle the better! Thou'rt a sonsie lassie.

DORCAS. Fie on ye! Fie! Ye are a brace of ill-mannered knaves, and ought both to be clapped in the stocks!

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