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No. 11 - Entrance of School Girls


Girls: We are six little misses
From a French girls' school,
An embodiment of blisses
In our costumes cool,
If our faces do not dimple
At the sights we see
It's because we're not so simple
As we seem to be.
Though as dainty little dumb things
We are bound to pose,
We could teach our mothers some things
If we only chose
And we're very much admired
But we all agree
That we're feeling rather tired
And we want our tea.
Madame Amelie: To see you safe and sound, dear girls, I'm glad
Of slight fatigue I hope you feel no traces,
A nice improving walk I'm sure you've had,
Of course you've been to no forbidden places.
I trust that as you promenaded through
The streets of Paris and its gay environs
You treated all the men who stared at you
As impudent Don Juans or Lord Byrons.
Girls: We are six little misses
From a school, you know
And our first appearance this is
In a studio,
So you mustn't be astounded
At the things we say,
For simplicity unbounded
We of course display.
Exclamations we may utter
At the tales we hear
But we're not so bread and butter
As we all appear,
If you'll promise not to flatter
In a style too free
We will stop and have a chatter
And a cup of tea.

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