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Miss Hook of Holland is a musical comedy (described as a "Dutch Musical Incident") in two acts, with music and lyrics by Paul Rubens and book by Austen Hurgon and Rubens. It opened at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, on 31 January 1907, and had a successful run of 462 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

MR. HOOK   (a Widower, a Wealthy Liqueur Distiller) Mr. G. P. Huntley
(of the Mounted Artillery,
    quartered at Arndyk)
Mr. Herbert Clayton
Mr. B. S. Foster
Mr. F. Pope Stamper
LUDWIG SCHNAPPS   (Foreman of Distillery, in love with Mina) Mr. Harry Grattan
AN OLD POLICEMAN Mr. Morris Harvey
HANS MAAS   (a Cheese Merchant at Arndyk) Mr. J. B. Fraser
HENDRICK DRAEK   (a Villager at Arndyk) Mr. Ralph Holland
VAN ECK   (a very ordinary Dutchman) Mr. A. E. E. Edwards
SIMON SLINKS   (a Loafer by the Canal at Arndyk) Mr. George Barrett
MISS VOOS   (really Mrs. Voos, a widow, but posing as a spinster) Miss Phoebe Mercer
(Daughters of Mrs. Voos, but sent to
    an Orphan School at Amsterdam)
Miss Gwendoline Brogden
Miss Gladys Ivory
GRETCHEN   (Manageress at the Distillery) Miss Eva Kelly
AN OLD MARKET WOMAN Miss Alice Coleman
THEKLA   (Market Girl) Miss Maisie Stather
MINA   (Maid to the Hooks) Miss Gracie Leigh
SALLY   (Miss Hook of Holland) Miss Isabel Jay

Musical Numbers

ACT I   -   The Cheese Market at Arndyk, on the Borders of the Zuyder Zee.

ACT II   -   The Interior of the Liqueur Distillery, Amsterdam.


Photographs of early productions.

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