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Precious Nonsense

The Newsletter of the Midwestern Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Sarah Cole, Society Secretary/Archivist

The Midwestern Gilbert & Sullivan Society
613 W. State St.
North Aurora, IL 60542-1538.


Many of the following complete newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The on-line versions of these newsletters were produced from the original word processing files used to create the printed newsletters. In the older versions, most of the graphics were pasted-in and they are not included in these electronic copies. Also, due to differences in font sizes, the page numbers may not be the same as the printed versions.

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  • An explanation of the words "Premi" and "Stalli," which appear in The Gondoliers, given as a correction to the explanations which appeared in "The G&S Lexicon" by Harry Benford.


  • A lengthy discussion, from three issues of the newsletter, of fairy marriages and the plot twists at the conclusion of Iolanthe.


  • It seems that not everyone is a G&S fan. Here are descriptions of two objections to Mikado and to G&S in general.


  • A brief description of the Chatfield Brass Band Free Music Lending Library, Chatfield, MN.
  • Abstracts from an article entitled "The Savoy Chorus," which appeared in Theatre Notebook 44 (no. 1, 1990). This is a very interest ing discussion of what is known about "choristers" in Victorian England.
  • A memorial to Warren Colson and James Perkins, who died on Feb. 19, 1991, and Dec. 25, 1990, respectively. Warren Colson was a well known G&S performer who also founded the New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society.
  • A description of Danny Kaye's contributions to G&S -- primarily a record with modified lyrics, and an original poem used on one of his shows.
  • The 1993 G&S Shoppers Catalog.
  • A description of John Philip Sousa's connections to Gilbert and Sullivan, including a description of his "The Mikado March."
  • The G&S Version of Star Wars. A Star Wars parody, H.M.S. DeathStar, by Bev Grant. Includes songs from both Pirates and Pinafore. Songs include such old favorites as "It Is an R2 Droid," "My Friends Call Me Skywalker,&qu


  • An extensive review and description of the animated feature length film "Dick Deadeye." Review by Winfield Smith, description by Sarah Cole.
  • A review of Dick Deadeye, The Movie, from September 1985 Precious Nonsense.
  • A review of the W. S. Gilbert children's book "The Pinafore Picture Book; The Story of H.M.S. Pinafore told by Sir W. S. Gilbert" (New York: Macmillan, 1908). Describes Gilbert's views of this work in 1908, 30 years after he wrote H.M.S. Pinafore.



  • An unsigned rhyme from the July 7, 1880, edition of "Judy, or the London SerioComic Journal," criticizing Gilbert's use of "satagee" to rhyme with strategy.



Book, Magazine Article, and Motion Picture Reviews


  • A poem about the controversy over the name Ruddygore, from "Parodies of the Works of English and American Authors," dating from 1887-89. This parody of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" appeared in the "Pall Mall Gazette," presumably not long after the opera opened, since it describes the state of the work before the offensive "y" was dropped from "Ruddigore."


  • Lyrics for songs sung to tunes from Iolanthe and Yeomen. From the 1920 edition of "The Boy Scout Song Book."

  • A discussion of the libretto of The Zoo, with reference to the "lost" words of the song that Latitia sings upon her entrance and proposed lyrics.
  • The "lost" words to the "Madrigal" of Anna Russell's skit "How to Write Your Own Gilbert & Sullivan Opera." The Madrigal was the only song not included with the skit when it was printed in "The Anna Russell Song Book."


  • A rather unique description of the plot of The Sorcerer from the book "The Plain Old Man" by Charlotte MacLeod.

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