The Emerald Isle


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Rosie and Terence
Rosie and Terence
The Earl of Newtown, K.P. (Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)
Mr. Jones Hewson

Dr. Fiddle, D.D. (His Private Chaplain)
Mr. R. Rous

Terence O'Brian (A Young Rebel)
Mr. Robert Evett

Professor Bunn (Shakespearian Reciter, Character Impersonator, etc.)
Mr. Walter Passmore
Pat Murphy (A Fiddler)
Mr. Henry A. Lytton

Black Dan
Mr. W. H. Leon

Mickie O'Hara (Irish Peasants)
Mr. C. Earldon

Sergeant Pincher
Mr. R. Crompton
Molly and Murphy
Molly and Murphy

Susan and Bunn
Susan and Bunn
Private Perry (H.M. 11th Regiment of Foot)
Mr. P. Pinder

The Countess of Newtown
Miss Rosina Brandram

Lady Rosie Pippin (Her Daughter)
Miss Isabel Jay

Molly O'Grady (A Peasant Girl)
Miss Louie Pounds

Susan (Lady Rosie's Maid)
Miss Blanche Gaston-Murray

Miss Lulu Evans

Kathleen (Peasant Girls)
Miss Agnes Fraser

Irish Peasants and Soldiers of 11th Regiment of Foot

Kathleen and Pincher
Kathleen and Pincher

ACT I. - Outside the Lord Lieutenant's Country Residence
ACT II. - The Caves of Carrig-Cleena
(W. Harford)
PERIOD. - About a Hundred Years Ago

Produced under the Personal Direction of the Author, and under the Stage-direction of
Mr. R. Barker.
Musical Director
Mr. François Cellier
Susan and Bunn
Susan and Bunn
Molly impersonates the Fairy Cleena
Molly as Cleena

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