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From The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser (West Yorkshire, England), Saturday, April 22, 1882; pg. 5; Issue 4592.

On Monday night Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's melo-dramatic opera, "The Pirates of Penzance," was reproduced at the Theatre Royal, in the presence of a large audience, by one of the companies organised by Mr. D'Oyly Carte. The company, whilst a good one, is perhaps scarcely equal to that which first appeared at the Theatre in this popular comic opera.

Some of the characters have undergone a change in their representation, but despite this fact the artistes were well received, and gave a capital rendering of the piece. Mr. D. Fisher, Junr., filled the role of Major-General Stanley in a very droll and amusing manner, his patter song being, as usual, loudly applauded. Frederic, the hero of the piece, finds a very good impersonator in Mr. Traverner, and Mr. G. W. Marnock, though scarcely as vigorous and spirited as might be desired, yet plays his part of the Pirate King fairly well. Samuel, the Lieutenant (Mr. F. Helmsley), and the Sergeant of Police (Mr. Marler) are very good, more especially the latter, his songs in the second act being heartily encored.

Miss Esma Lee enacts the part of the heroine — if such a term may be applied — in a most creditable manner, having a very sweet voice, which was heard to great advantage in the ballad, "Poor wandering one," and also in the duet with Frederic. Miss Madge Stavart impersonates the piratical maid of all work, Ruth, and in some portions of the opera her efforts are praiseworthy. Edith (Miss De Valance), Kate (Miss A Bernard), and Isabel (Miss Findlay) perform the small portions allotted to them successfully, and the chorus run well throughout.

A vaudeville, entitled "Mock Turtles," in which the characters are sustained by Mr. F. Helmsley, Miss B. Millner, Miss A. Bernard, and Miss Vincent, precedes Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's work.

Next week Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Macklin and a specially selected company will appear in Mr. W. S. Gilbert's satirical and farcical comedy "Engaged;" "Pygmalion and Galatea," and "Won by Honours," also occupying places on the play bill.

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