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The Lucky Star is an English comic opera, in three acts, composed by Ivan Caryll, with dialogue by Charles H. Brookfield as revised by Helen Lenoir (Mrs. D'Oyly Carte) and lyrics by Adrian Ross and Aubrey Hopwood. It was produced by the Richard D'Oyly Carte and opened at the Savoy Theatre on 7 January 1899 for a run of 143 performances.

The superstitious King Ouf is informed by his astrologer Siroco that his destiny is linked with that of an itinerant painter named Lazuli, who is in love with the King's intended bride, the Princess Laoula. Siroco's charts reveal that Lazuli's death will result in the King's, and when the King decrees that Siroco will be executed moments after the King's death, both feel obliged to keep Lazuli alive.

This is the only Savoy opera where a woman is required to play a man's part. Lazuli was played by Emmie Owen, who had created (among other characters) Jacqueline in The Beauty Stone, a part which required her to spend the bulk of her time disguised as a boy. She also was featured prominently in Utopia Limited, The Chieftain, The Grand Duke, and The Rose of Persia.

The original cast was:

KING OUF THE FIRST Mr. Walter Passmore
  (Ambassador-Extraordinary from King Mataquin)
Mr. Henry A. Lytton
SIROCO (the Astrologer Royal) Mr. Fred Wright, Jun.
TAPIOCA (Private Secretary to Baron Tabasco) Mr. Robert Evett
CANCAN (a Citizen) Mr. Leonard Russell
PRINCESS LAOULA (Daughter of King Mataquin) Miss Ruth Vincent
  (Daughter of Tabasco and Lady-in-Waiting to the Princess)
Miss Isabel Jay
Maids of Honour:  
Miss Jessie Rose
Miss Madge Moyse
Miss Mildred Baker
ADZA (the Court Dancer) Miss Katie Vesey
LAZULI (a Travelling Painter) Miss Emmie Owen
  • Review from The Graphic, January 14 1899.
1899 Production Illustration Poster

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