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Our Miss Gibbs is an Edwardian musical comedy in two acts by 'Cryptos' and James T. Tanner, with lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank, music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton. Produced by George Edwardes, it opened at the Gaiety Theatre in London on 23 January 1909 and ran for an extremely successful 636 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

THE HON. HUGHIE PIERREPOINT (an amateur criminal)    Mr. George Grossmith, Jun.
SLITHERS (a professional crook) Mr. Robert Hale
MR. TOPLADY (Manager at Garrod's) Mr. Arthur Hatherton
LORD EYNSFORD (in love with Mary) Mr. J. Edward Fraser
MR. AMALFY (the Director-General of the White City) Mr. H. B. Burcher
TIMOTHY GIBBS (Mary's Yorkshire Cousin) Mr. Edmund Payne
LADY ELIZABETH THANET (engaged to Lord Eynsford) Miss Denise Orme
MADAME JEANNE (Modiste at Garrod's) Miss Jean Aylwin
MRS. FARQUHAR (an impecunious woman of fashion) Miss Maisie Gay
MISS GIBBS (MARY) Miss Gertie Millar

MIDI Files

ACT I -   Garrod's Stores.

ACT II -   Court of Honour at the Franco-British Exhibition.

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