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The Era (London, England), Saturday, May 5, 1883; Issue 2328.

THEATRE ROYAL. — Lessees, Messrs. Howard and Logan Acting-Manager, Mr. John F. Gray. — Mr. D'Oyly Carte's Patience company made a third annual visit to Edinburgh on Monday, the present engagement being for the customary period of twelve nights.

Any doubts as to the drawing powers of Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's charming opera were completely set at rest before the performance commenced, the curtain rising on one of the most brilliant audiences of the season, while the attendance, we may add, on Tuesday evening was still more crowded, every seat and inch of standing room being fully occupied by a most enthusiastic and delighted auditory. A like result has attended each of the other performances of the week, and Mr. Carte's short but pleasant season promises to be a great financial, as it is already an admitted artistic success.

The cast is probably the strongest Mr. Carte has ever sent out. The list of names includes Mr. George Thorne, the talented impersonator of Reginald Bunthorne, a performance almost unique in its singular quaintness; Mr. Arthur Rousbey, a vocalist of ability, who again plays Archibald Grosvenor; Mr. Byron Browne, the dashing Colonel of Dragoons, who looks the rôle to the life, and sings well; Mr. James Sydney, who by sheer force of talent has raised the Duke of Dunstable to a character of considerable importance; and Mr. H. Halley, who is most amusing as Major Murgatroyd.

Miss Fanny Edwards's majestic impersonation of Lady Jane shows an admirable sense of humour, while the vocal requirements of the part are met with cultivated skill and superb effect. The Patience of Miss Ethel M'Alpine is a charmingly picturesque and altogether delightful creation. Miss Elsie Cameron again lends distinction, both vocally and dramatically, to Lady Angela; and Miss Clara Deveine, as Lady Saphir, carries through her share of the æsthetic posturing with an earnestness and success that we cannot too highly praise; while Miss Alice Gresham is all sweetness and brightness as the ecstatic Lady Ella.

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